Sunday, April 10, 2011


What is anorexia?
Anorexia is an eating disorder where people starve themselves. Anorexia usually begins in young people around the onset of puberty. Individuals suffering from anorexia have extreme weight loss. Weight loss is usually 15% below the person's normal body weight. People suffering from anorexia are very skinny but are convinced that they are overweight. Weight loss is obtained by many ways. Some of the common techniques used are excessive exercise, intake of laxatives and not eating.

People with anorexia continue to think they are overweight even after they become extremely thin, are very ill or near death. Often they will develop strange eating habits such as refusing to eat in front of other people. Sometimes the individuals will prepare big meals for others while refusing to eat any of it.

kurus sangat pon tak cantik kan? :)

Symptoms of Anorexia
  • Loss of at least 3 consecutive menstrual periods (in women).
  • Not wanting or refusing to eat in public
  • Weakness
  • Brittle skin
  • Shortness of breath
  • Obsessiveness about calorie intake
  • Anxiety

p/s: bersyukur dengan keadaan diri sekarang.. :)


Cik Anita said...

aku memang nak kurus-kurus!
tapi opss. bukan kurus yg cemgitu. kalau kurus yg camgitu baik aku gemuk~ haha. :P

LiLohOnEy said...

perli haku lettew T___T

Nurul Yaqeen said...

@cik Anita : hehe..xpyh kuruih2 sgt la..biaq berisi asalkan sehat..

@LiLohOnEy: tidak mengata anda la sygku.. :D

little ain said...

lilohoney, you are not aneroxia. u eat well :)

ninot said...

uitt takotnye..jadi marilah kita hidup secara sihat ye cik aqeen..:)

LiLohOnEy said...


i terasa sb i kn stok rantingss T__T

Nurul Yaqeen said...

@ ninot: yeah betul! marilah kita sama2 menyihatkan diri sendiri dan org lain.. :D

@ LiLohOnEy: tidak syg..kamu maseh cntik menawan..tidak spt gmbaq itu.. :D